Mermaid Earrings

Or why Etsy is fab

[warning: shameless self-promo ahead]


In the last few days I’ve got back into jewellery making, and have fallen head over heels for these mermaid cabochonsIMG_20170310_151108.jpg

So much so that I’ve started making rose gold plated earrings with them! The mermaid cabochons are set in the rose gold plated studs with E6000 adhesive and the butterfly backs are checked for tightness. I hand-stamp the earring cards with tulips, mount the earrings and seal them in a clear pocket before popping them into a colourful drawstring gift bag.


There are only 10 pairs of each colour [translucent rainbow white and opaque cobalt blue] available at this time on my Etsy  And, what’s even better, I’m doing an intro offer of £1 off when you use the code MERMAID. That’s a pair of iridescent rose gold plated earrings for a fiver, with free UK shipping- bargain!

Do let me know what your thoughts are on these: Email | Twitter @RosePandaDavis | Insta @_redrosestudios_



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