New Painting Skills

Or why it’s good to challenge yourself

After tackling flowers over the weekend [sneaky little mosaic below #selfpromo], I wanted to have a go at painting fur this week.


I follow and am constantly inspired by some fabulous artists on YouTube [Jamie Jo & Katie Jobling – check them out!!], and have recently come across Anna Mason, who has a multitude of tutorials for fur and feathers.

Watching Anna’s How to Paint Fur in Watercolour Tutorial, seeing all the individual brushstrokes and the time that goes into the piece I thought it was something I’d never be able to tackle: I am such an impatient person, which transfers into my work. Teeny tiny brushstrokes and waiting for layers to dry? Not for me, thanks.

Nevertheless, spurred on by wanting to paint thank you cards for family friends, I cracked out the paintbrushes and set to work. Here are some snaps of my progress [yes, there were MANY mistakes made, but the process was fun and I learnt so much!]


step one: base coat colours


step two: begin adding in some details


step three: layer layer layer, darken & brighten


step four: done! This is about 10cm x 7cm approx


I thoroughly loved this challenge, am pleased with how this turned out and hope I can get better as I paint more!

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know! Email | Twitter @RosePandaDavis | Insta @_redrosestudios_


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