Cuteness Overload 

Or why I love my pets

Monday is famously the worst day of the week. Never fear, I have the perfect #MondayMotivation for you: my pets! 

In truth, only the dogs are mine. Toby [yorkie] and Joey [Jack Russell] now share the limelight with these lovely cats Muji [the blue-grey baby], Comet [grumpy black and white old man], Pandora [Mamma cat] and Astrophe [as in, CATastrophe]. All of them have their own adorable personality, and I love them all very much. Enjoy!

Yorkie + yoghurt = yum

Look at that little face [Muji]

‘Get my best side’ [Joey]

Even disapproving kittens need cuddles [Muji]

Play time! [Toby]

I love my new toy basket! [Toby]

Pointy ears [Muji]

Early morning cuddles [Toby]

Sleepy baby [Comet]

Hairy baby [Joey]

Surprise! [Muji]

Yorkie playtime 2.0 [Toby]


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