Painting Problems

Or why patience is hard

I’ll admit it, I am an impatient person. Impatient to the point where I tried to do the grownup thing of buying presents for Christmas throughout the year to spread the cost, and ended up giving the presents out less than a week after I bought them.

You can imagine, therefore, how much fun I have painting. For a long while when creating something new, I’d deliberately go freehand or draw something that would require one colour or could be painted in just one sitting. For example: these individual petals.

Other impatient painters suggest using a hairdryer or the like to dry the watercolour faster, or not use as much water in the first place. Whilst these techniques do work to an extent, my experience has been less useful than I’d hoped. I like to douse my paper in water to let the colours run free, and I appreciate the water tension as it holds to the outline of whatever I’ve attempted. When using hot air to dry, the shapes break and I end up with a blotchy mess.

To get round this, I’ve started drawing one thing, beginning painting then starting something else. Then, when the first painting is half dry, blasting it with a hair dryer or fan heater before completing the rest of it.

today’s second piece while the other piece dried


Today, I started on my second flower. I saw this at Kew Gardens and have no idea what it is, but it is super vibrant! Thus far I have only done a little bit, and am still learning how to do proportions [legit have so much trouble drawing people].

stage one

stage two

close up

This is as far as I’ve got today, will post updates when it’s finished!

Do let me know what your thoughts are: do you paint? What problems do you come across? Email rredrosestudioss | Twitter @RosePandaStudios | Insta @_redrosestudios_


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