Throwback Thursday 2.0

Or why paintings are like buses

This week I’ve had a lot of free time, what with being unemployed and all [more coming on that, read: interview techniques and job applications]. After many months of painting nothing, in the past 4 days I’ve made 2 new paintings. Much like buses, you wait ages to get time to do one and then 2 ideas come along at once! One as a present, one just for a first attempt. Here are a some work in progress shots and the finished pieces.


Clockwise from top left: pencilled fish, wet watercolour paint; the finished piece ‘Pisces’ with the star sign and constellation; close up of the crocus petal; letting the alternating petals dry!; aaaaand finally, the finished crocus. Overall feeling average to how this turned out, happy with the individual petals but made a couple of errors on it. Will try try try again!]

[PS apologies for the potato quality photos, must of better next time]

Nature paintings are something I’m looking to do more of, so please do let me know what your thoughts are!

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