Happy half-way-to-50th

Or why it’s ok not to know what career you want yet

A little after a year of holding my job at Amazon, I quit. You probably think I’m crazy. Quit Amazon?! Only the biggest online marketplace, one of the best/biggest companies in the world and you decided to leave? Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I’ve had all of those thoughts, too. Indulge me.


I’m so grateful for all I’ve learnt & how much I’ve grown at Amazon UK

You’re fresh out of university, you’re not really sure how relevant your degree is to what you want your life to look like anymore. Maybe you [like me] move back in with your parents, do some bar tending or waitressing or work in a shop. All good stuff.You’re applying for ‘career’ full time jobs in your spare time, throwaway applications you’re not sure will even make the long list let alone the short list, probably in the city you went to uni in. The edited CV goes on indeed.co.uk and reed etc,  just in case.

One morning you wake up to an email from a recruiter, and in a whirlwind 3 weeks you’ve had maths tests, a phone interview and a 4×45 min interview process and, best of all, found out you have the job! And goodness me, the salary and benefits! You’d be stupid not to take it. You take it. Why wouldn’t you?

Just over a year later you realise: this isn’t me. What am I doing here?

record scratch you’re probably wondering how I ended up here….

I quit. I know [now, after many months of figuring it out] that my route to where I want to be won’t be ‘conventional’ (get a job, get promoted, get a mortgage, get married, pop out some ‘ankle-biters’ [ref that], get 5/6 figure salary,  retire, cruise, meet the grandkids), but it will by my route. Why should yours be defined by societal norms, parents or anything but your own free will? Follow the leader style, my siblings are unconventional too. All three are going through the apprenticeship route: one senior administrator, one engineer and one journalist. Not too shabby for no degree, right?


UCL in the Autumn

And what about me? I’m a sucker for learning. The ambition is to study my Masters in Climate Change at Yale, UCL or Harvard. Not that I necessarily think I’m smart enough to get in per se: the courses, uni cultures and environments look amazing, so I know [hope!]  I will drum up the drive to get there. To start with though, the priority is learning to drive, which I intend to fund by working in a bar. As I turn 25 today, I am happy with my decisions thus far and I’m quite excited about what the future holds!

What I’m [badly] trying to say is that it’s ok to not know what you want to do in life, yet or if at all. You, dear reader, should just aim for happiness. As the wonderful Emily Gilmore once said [what do you mean you don’t know who that is, go binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix right now] “if it doesn’t bring me joy out it goes.”



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