Joining the fitness tracker scene

Or why I’m not that bad at sleeping

For the past couple of years I’ve been looking to pick up a basic fitness tracker to monitor my steps, calories burnt and give me some idea how I’m sleeping. I’ve downloaded various apps before now, and my current phone [Huawei p9, would recommend without reservation or hesitation to anyone who wants a fab alternative to Apple, and loves taking photos!] tracks the number of steps I achieve a day. The only caveat to that is it only tracks steps when I have it on me.

Fitbit popped onto the scene about the same time I started scoping out trackers: they look great, just the price tag puts me off. I can be very clumsy, meaning an expensive, high tech gadget that lives on my arm probably isn’t the best idea. There have been a few bands I’ve liked the look of, but I’ve never taken the plunge.


the lovely LETSCOM

Then, last week I saw the LETSCOM fitness tracker on an Amazon Lightning Deal, down to £25. About 1.5cm thick, it promised to sync up to an app on my phone, and do exactly what I’d been looking for and more. As it came from fulfilled by Amazon, I knew I’d be able to return it if the 1-2 star reviews proved to be true.

Lightweight and sleek, it took just 10 minutes to charge up. I’m not convinced the step tracker is 100% accurate but as all I wanted was a guide to how many steps I am taking daily that’s OK. What I didn’t realise is that as it’s Bluetooth-bound to my phone, it will alert me when I get a notification [and yes, you can choose which apps can do that. For me, Twitter, Facebook and SMSs pop up].

There are about 6 different modes including a sports mode [which I’ve yet to try!], overall I am loving it.

For me, the sleep tracker is a little depressing – my average sleep is 5-6 hours with 1-3 hours of deep sleep on any given night. Compared with averages and recommended sleep, I’ve reached the conclusion I’m on the verge of being bad at sleeping in terms of length of time I am asleep. I do, on average, get about 2 hours of deep sleep a night, which is around 28% of my total sleep time. In that regard, I am a pro. This says we should be in deep sleep mode 20-25% of our total sleep. Of course I take what my LETSCOM says with a pinch of salt as why the heck do I always feel so tired if I’m apparently sleeping so well? Obvs there are other factors going into it, I’ll explore those another time.

Much like my beautiful Huawei, I’d recommend the LETSCOM without reservation to anyone looking to get a little bit of a handle on their life, one step at a a time [cheese, I know. BiteMe.jpg].

Do you have a fitness tracker? Which one do you use? Or you don’t? Would you consider getting one?

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