Watercolour Wednesday

Or why I should paint more

Painting is one of those hobbies where my mind calms down for a while: as cringe as it sounds, I get lost in the brushstrokes and fine details. It’s also one that you can pour hours of work into to produce one A4 piece. The most recent of my paintings were created way back in June 2016. Aside from those that I can do on the train, I’m bad at making time for my hobbies.

Last Wednesday I gave you photos from my weekend wanderings  in Whitstable [alliteration, yo]. This Wednesday, in an effort to motivate myself into doing a once a month watercolour Wednesday, I’d like to share some [the majority] of my watercolour pieces.


winter Adventure Time


practicing night sky scenes


first successful go at painting nebula!


petals, about the size of 1p coin


went through a Pokemon phase


black watercolour, about 4 hours to complete


I saw a similar image and wanted to recreate it! ~3.5 hours


Do you paint? Or got a favourite artist?  Fancy getting your/their  work featured? Let me know – link me to the art below!

Email rredrosestudioss@gmail.com | Twitter @RosePandaDavis | Insta @_redrosestudios_

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