Valentine’s Day sucks

Or why you should show love everyday

Imagine a world where we only showed friendship once a year, or appreciated our parents for 1/365 days.

Now think of Valentine’s Day: Wild romantic gestures, overpriced sweets/chocolates/cards. Expensive dinners in crowded restaurants [with at least 3 people getting engaged, amirite?] I am not a fan, not at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s like a second anniversary. I do get my sig other [nearly wrote otter then] a card, and we do have a dinner but it is a homemade card and we cook together. I find that way more romantic than an oversized glittery pink/red card and a meal out.


This is something I’ve never done but am keen on: Galentine’s Day [a concept championed by my idol, Leslie Knope]. If you’re anything like me, a lot of your friends live all round the country/far enough away that you don’t see a lot of them. Having today [13th Feb] as a day where you and your pals reconnect and celebrate each other I think sounds wonderful. A bit like thanksgiving but for friendship. Again, though, why have just one day of showing how much you appreciate/care about those who support you?


Don’t point that thing at me, mister

Where did V Day even come from? The romantic, and hence commercial, side of it came from Geoffrey Chaucer.

Curse you, Chaucer.

The origins are far more intriguing- feasts honouring 1+ early saints named Valentinus [a ye olde James or Will, perhaps], and an association with martyrdom. Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers [not allowed to marry] and for ministering Christians. He signed off ‘Your Valentine’ before his execution.



To me, therefore, Valentine’s Day becomes  more of a symbol for love that doesn’t fit the societal norms, or that those in power/get a lot of press coverage deem  forbidden love. In the society we live in today anything that falls outsode of the boy-meets-girl bracket [aka same sex marriage] isn’t a norm. My hope is that one day all the world will accept all different types of love as normal, or just L O V E as normal.

Here are some of my Leslie Knope favourites. Clockwise from the left: showing your friends love, your best friend love and yourself love.


And then, of course, showing others love and standing up for what is right:


What are you up to for Valentine’s Day? Let me know!

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