Whiskey Tango Alpha Foxtrot, WordPress?

Or why the app and I are not friends right now

There is no frustration quite like technology induces.

Yesterday morning, my body clock decided that 06:10am was the perfect time to awaken me. To be fair to it, I had been sleeping 4 hours a night for the prior few nights, so it’s little wonder that 6 hours sleep seemed like a luxury.

After watching the snow fall for a while, I did go back to bed for a couple of hours before settling down on the sofa to do some writing. A silly piece about the dentists was turned out; I was pretty happy with it, too. Usually, I write everything on Word and then copy it over. Today I decided to have a crack at writing directly in the WordPress app.

In my wisdom, I wanted to copy the text over into Word for safe keeping, and so I could send it to myself to add hyperlinks and whatnot on my Mac. Instead, I pasted in the last thing I had copied [some YouTube video] and couldn’t get it to undo so tried to ‘discard changes’ which turned out to mean DISCARD THE WHOLE DAMN PIECE.

It was then I realised that WordPress had stored the file ‘locally’ [what does that even mean?] and that I couldn’t figure out how to recover it. I’ve checked the trash, the drafts, on the other WordPress app I have. Nothing. All those hard written and edited words [I despise editing at the mo] GONE.


me irl rn


Suffice to say, I am not a happy bunny right now. If anyone has any advice [Google was little to no help] please please do let me know.

Email rredrosestudioss@gmail.com | Twitter @RosePandaDavis | Insta @_redrosestudios_



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