The value of learning new things

Or why I’ve become a knitting fanatic 

Last Christmas [I gave you my heart… wait, no…], 2015 that is, my Mother procured a magazine that contained a pattern for a knitted wreath. Not just any wreath, though. It had robins on it! Mother is a huge robin fan; they’re her absolute favourite. As the ‘creative’ child, I was presented with the pattern and asked if I could have a crack at making it. Seeing as I haven’t knitted since I was about 5, and then it was with the guidance of my Grandma, everything about the project seemed daunting. The first hurdle was casting on and doing a purl stitch, then tackling cable knit.

Image result for knitting pattern written

spoiler alert: not the real pattern. See KnittingGalore for more!


How was I meant to decipher that?! What if I got it wrong? Or worse, what if I couldn’t do it? In my typical fashion, I avoided those problems completely. My brain shut down, the magazine got stuffed in my ‘someday’  project pile and I forgot all about it.



That is, until Christmas 2016 when Mother revisited the wreath. “I suppose I could give it to my friend’s Mum who’s an avid knitter.” As quick as it had rejected the project, my brain awoke. “No! I’ll do it!” I said, before I’d really had a chance to think what I was getting myself into. The pattern, yarn and needles were dug back out, and after many, many attempts [cursing, threats and stop/starting], I can confirm the project is well under way. I’ll get some good shots of the bits and whole thing for another post.

The real heroes of this project though are the YouTubers whose clips I watched, and re-watched and then watched again just to be sure. I’ve linked those below for your perusal [yes in reverse order of how I used them].

Casting Off | Knit One Below | Yarn Forward | Making a Stitch | Increase a Stitch | Purl Stitch | Cable Knitting


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